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Sweet Smell of Success: "Sidney, Conjugate Me a Verb."

Posted on the 11 March 2011 by Jake Cole @notjustmovies
My review of Alexander Mackendrick's masterpiece Sweet Smell of Success is up now at Cinelogue. This was the biggest "newspaper movie" I'd yet to see, and it may well be my favorite. It's one of those films that might inspire the usual pooh-poohs of "People don't talk like that," but damn, don't you wish they did. Features career-highlight performances from both Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis, who each have enough fantastic performances to their names to make finding a best role futile. And again, THAT DIALOGUE. Ugh, it's so good I almost hate real people, myself included, for not living up to it.
Please check out my review.Sweet Smell Success:

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