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Supernaturally Yummy, Not So Filling

By Chocolateandoranges

Lunch this afternoon was my first attempt from Heidi Swanson's amazing new 'Super Natural Every Day' cookbook.  I gave the kale salad a try- basically kale mixed with coconut, covered in a mix of evoo, sesame oil, and soy sauce and roasted.  It tasted amazing but was kind of insubstantial even when mixed with wheat berries and topped with an egg.  I calculated 274 calories a serving so given that I'm not sure often I would make it from a 'bang for the buck' perspective.  They're mostly fat (good fats) calories which I always find less satisfying.  I'm happiest with a mix of mostly carbs and proteins and find frequently find myself low on fats per the 'ideal' percentage breakdown.  
supernaturally yummy, not so filling
After eating, I was still hungry so I made myself a salad.  I'm STILL kind of hungry so I may be going back for a yogurt cup as well before too long.
supernaturally yummy, not so filling

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