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Sunday’s Inspiration: 15 Things I Want To Achieve in the Next Year

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair

“Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive” – Eye of the Tiger

Dreaming big in the next year - 15 things I want.

Dreaming big in the next year – 15 things I want.

Sunday’s Inspiration today is me sharing my personal goals and inspiration as I reveal 15 things I want to achieve this year. It’s actually been a while since I did a Sunday’s Inspiration as I’ve been backpacking hardcore through South and Central America the last few months and travel and normal travel stories took control of my dreams, some of which have fallen by the wayside in my quest to travel too fast. It’s time to slow it all down a notch. One reason for me putting this on my main travel site is that it provides me with a written proof that I aim this high and to push myself and challenge myself to do them. With the right attitude and mindset I will do all 15 of these. I’ve split it into 3 sections: Being, doing, having. I’ve chosen 5 things I want in each section. Here goes, let’s see how far I get.

Sunday's Inspiration: 15 Travel Dreams for the next year

Sunday’s Inspiration: 15 Travel Dreams for the next year

Section 1 – BEING: things I want to be

1. Be a good boyfriend.
I haven’t always been a good boyfriend I admit, and we’ve had some heated arguments, but I want to be better in future. Spending more time and giving more love to Panny, the travelling Hong Kong whose journeys are more hers than they are mine and forever should be. We’re also enjoying some time apart to ease the tension and things are better than ever before.
2. Be a good mate.
I don’t see my best mates often enough. I did a one day session with some of them in London in June and then headed straight for the airport. But I’m heading back to Belfast, Bangor, Birmingham and Bournemouth (4 Bs) to hang out with them next month. Lock In Lee, Chris Bilsland, Neil Macey, Dan Darch, Austin Sheppard, James Condron, Richard Ingram.

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name” – Cheers

With my friends in London, England - too long guys, too long.

With my friends in London, England – too long guys, too long.

3. Be a good manager.
I now have some cool staff working for me on my travel sites and helping plan my journeys. I want to keep the good ones and treat them well.
4. Be a good son.
My Mum and Dad haven’t always seen the good in me. I took my Dad and Mum to the World Cup Final but it was a fast trip and I need to actually spend more quality time with them. I will, I promise.
5. Be a good brother.
I have two brothers and a sister. I need to keep contact more often and I’m aiming to do just that. I went for a night out in Bangor with Marko, took Danny to the Beatles Museum and sadly just had a few quick chats with Cathy. Next time, siblings. I owe you.

“I believe in brothers, I know you know who you are.” – Chris Helme

Night out with Dad and Marko in Bangor, Northern Ireland. More to come...

Night out with Dad and Marko in Bangor, Northern Ireland. More to come…

Section 2 – HAVING: things I want to have

6. Have a Tooth operation
Ouch it’s going to hurt I know that but I need a tooth operated on or removed and want to get it sorted as soon as I can.
7. Have a base for at least one month of the year to work online and relax a lot more.
8. Have the best travel blog in the world.
I’ll just keep writing and writing and writing and travelling to off the wall spots. 7 years in already and 1,700 blog posts but yet I’m still not an established travel blogger. If you can beat Don’t Stop Living for a one man travel blog who has personally blogged every day for 7 years and been to all seven continents, let me know. Who is currently the best travel blogger in the world anyway?
“If you are first, you are first. If you are second, you are nothing” – Bill Shankly
9. Have a night in a 5 Star Hotel.
Hold on – what do you mean 5 star?? You’re a budget backpacker. Yes I am, but I want the decent bed, the decent shower, the decent view, the great breakfast, the fast wifi. I want it for one night at least. My recent travels have shown me that staying in the worst hostel in town isn’t always the way to go. Is it a sign I’m getting older? Not sure, but I’m up for a decent 5 star now.

10. Have a ticket for the World Cup Final.
I’ve only gone and done it – lived out a childhood dream in July this year so I’ve ticked it off. Inspiring day out in Rio de Janeiro watching Messi versus Muller.

brazil world cup with dad

Me and Da at the World Cup Final 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Section 3 – DOING: Things I want to do

11. Visit 100 countries before I turn 35
Out of all the things on this list, this is probably the one I’m aiming for the most. I listed it on my top 5 travel dreams post before. I’m on my way – I just need to work out exactly what I should count as a country as I’d hate to leave Antarctica off my list, and for me Northern Ireland will always be a country. As things stand I’m on 92 with a further hat-trick planned. Should be 5 to go then…and you can vote for number 99
12. Watch Northern Ireland at a proper tournament.
We might just make it to France 2016 and if we do, I’ll be there! I was too young in 1982 and 1986 to backpack my way to Spain or Mexico for the World Cup glory days.
13. Backpack through every country in mainland Central America.
Again I’m on my way to this – I type this up from Honduras with Nicaragua and Costa Rica to complete the jigsaw.
14. Release an e-Book.
It’s underway and while I have articles in two published printed books (Albania to America by Shaun Schofield and the Green and White Army Fans). I’l admit I need a base to get this e-Book sorted but it’s a case of making it happen and slowing down travel.
15. Earn $5,000 USD a month online.
This is the toughest nut to crack of the 15 and I’ve never been about money but things are changing. I want the gold now, so I can live a more relaxed life when I’m older. July and August I hit the $3,000 US mark from my travel writing and online work and I want more. It’s not greed for me. It’s hard work, determination and ambition.

“You don’t wanna be a spaceman, you just want the gold” – Noel Gallagher

So pop back and check in on me to see how well I do on these 15 targets! Happy travels everyone and live your dreams!

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