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Summer Swimming

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Summer Swimming I was inspired by some swimming self-portraits over at “Use Your Coloured Pencils” and loved the floating hair. My students gave it a go today and made some of the cutest paintings in their journals, as they look forward to summer vacation.
1. I gave students a 2" circle to trace for the head, to give them a head start. Following my directions on the board, they drew outstretched arms, a body, and legs.
2. The drawing was traced with a permanent black marker.
3. Students used crayons to color in the hair, skin and swimsuit. Heavy coloring works best.
4. The drawing was painted over with liquid watercolor paint. A caption was added above, along with a date below.
Thanks to Spencer, grade 3, for letting me share his charming artwork.

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