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Straw Purchasing Made Easy in PA

Posted on the 23 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Lehigh Valley Live has the report.
Basically the story is this. A prohibited person got his girlfriend to buy a gun for him. He ended up killing a cop with it and got killed himself. The girlfriend plea bargained her sentence down to house arrest and probation.
Is that fair or not? The little poll they have indicates that 76% say she deserves jail time.
Here's the part that interested me.
According to prosecutors, Gross initially tried to purchase a gun in New Jersey, where she lived, and was told she’d have to wait six months; she then changed her address to Autenrieth’s and bought a gun in Pennsylvania that day.
Do you think maybe there's a little bit of a problem with the Pennsylvania laws that make straw purchasing so easy? I do.
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