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Still Winning

Posted on the 21 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Still WinningGunloons took great offense that I sagely suggested they hadn't "won" squat since the Heller and McDonald decisions.
Typical comments demanded that I show where gun control advocates "won" something or another.  My reply was easy--if you claim something, it's really up to you to make your case, not me.
Though I'm always right (it's a gift), it's not difficult to show guloons haven't "won" anything. From the American Bar Association:
Proponents hailed Heller and McDonald as setbacks for gun control advocates. They predicted a shift in gun policy throughout the country.
But so far it hasn’t happened that way. While there have been challenges throughout the country to local, state and federal gun laws, few have been successful.
In fact, critics of the decisions say the cases have failed to provide a concrete framework to help lower courts determine the constitutionality of challenged gun control laws.
“It’s a huge change in our understanding of the amendment, but not necessarily a huge change in what kinds of gun control laws are constitutional,” says Duke University assistant law professor Joseph Blocher.

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