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Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
Mărțișor is a traditional celebration of the beginning of spring, on March 1st. It is a tradition in Romania, Moldova, and all territories inhabited by Romanians and Aromanians. Almost the same custom can be found in Bulgaria, while similar ones exist in Albania and Italy
Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies 
Mărțișor is name for the red and white string from which a small decoration is tied, and which is offered by people on the 1st day of March. Giving this talisman to people is an old custom, and it is believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be strong and healthy for the year to come. It is also a symbol of the coming spring. Usually, women wear it pinned to their clothes for the first 12 days of the month, until other spring celebrations, or until the bloom of certain fruit-trees. In some regions, a gold or silver coin is hanged from the string, which is worn around the neck. After wearing it for a certain period of time, they buy red wine and sweet cheese with the coin, according to a belief that their faces would remain beautiful and white as cheese, and rubicund as the red wine, for the entire year   Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies 
In modern times, and especially in urban areas, the Mărțișor lost most of its talisman properties and became more of a symbol of friendship or love, appreciation and respect. Source Wikipedia
After a lot of thought I decided to declare March "the month of appreciation and respect" here on A little bit of everything.
I'd like to take this moment and show my appreciation to all of you, wonderful Ladies, who through your sweet comments left on my blog made me push my limits and become a better cook, baker and, I like to believe, a better photographer. Your words meant the world to me, your recipes made me try new dishes and new techniques and your photos, oh my, they are so beautiful. I don't have any red/white talisman to give each one of you, all I can offer today is a virtual cookie. (mind my decorations skills).
Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies
Tonight I'd like to give a big Thank You to Monet. She always encouraged me and her blog is a source of inspiration to me. I LOVE her baking goods, I really wish she'd be my next door neighbor so I can try a little piece of everything she bakes. I tried several recipes she posted and all are amazing. 
The Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies are a family favorite now. Today instead of decorating them with cream cheese as the recipe calls I used some royal icing (as I said early, mind my decoration skills) The cookies are so tasty, so light, easy to make and stay soft up to a week if kept in a air tight container.
Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies
And while you're there, bookmarking this wonderful recipe, consider bookmarking these Whole Wheat Cantaloupe Muffins (soon flavorful cantaloupes are going to be all over at the farmer's market) or these Kolaches for your Sunday breakfast. Trust me, no matter what you decide to make, you're not going to be disappointed.
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