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Sorry For The Delay

Posted on the 20 May 2011 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Sorry For The DelayHello friends, i am really very sorry for not posting anything for quite sometime...i am very much busy with my business work and at the same time am planning for a short movie and trying hard to get my script right..In this process a very happy news is that i have gathered a valuable material regarding shot division and camera angles necessary for every screenwriter and an aspiring and budding directors...Hope to post them as soon as possible because for shot division i have to post some pictures which can really help in understanding how a scene can be canned...and i have to post some tutorials regarding camera angles which is a very important concept for screenwriting in fact which helps to visualize and helps in writing a script in a packed manner.
So for posting these concepts i need regretting for the delay..but surely u people wont get disappointed once u look at the new post..and please pray for me so that my romantic love story script should come out well..till then have a nice time and have fun..and finally last but not least, thanks for everyone for your valuable feedback's and support..i am overwhelmed with your support and feedback..please do continue your love towards screenwriting and Screenwriters Arena. 

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