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Something for the Weekend - How YouTube Took Over My Life

By Lakota @FHCShopping
My husband is away again. He's in India for a fortnight. This basically means I revert to my baseline state of being, which is that of a 14 year old, only without the One Direction obsession and sucked in cheeks Facebook profile pic. The children still get to fed and taken to school, but there's a lot more eye-rolling and big sighs about how unfair it is. Then I come home, refuse to make my bed and watch urban street-dance movies until it's time to pick them up again.*
Anyway, when I get bored of perving over Channing Tatum - kidding! like that would ever happen - I turn to the natural refuge of the terminally bored, YouTube. Aah, YouTube - where all those racist Yahoo News commenters start out. Home of the cute cat, impossibly beautiful Filipina makeup vlogger, and stupid people attempting to eat cinnamon from a spoon. [look up 'cinnamon challenge'.]
Anyway, here's the videos which have made me snort diet coke out my nose the most over the last couple of days. Some are new finds, some are old favourites.
YETI - I can't describe how genius I think this is. But then I have a childish sense of humor.
Someone has lip-read Coldplay's 'In my Place' and come up with completely new lyrics which fit the movement of Chris Martin's mouth. Then recorded the song. And it's the best work Coldplay have never done.
"I called but you ran to the forest..."
HALLOWEEN LIGHTSHOW - GANGNAM STYLE - Has Psy's catchy like herpes Korea pop outstayed its welcome yet? Hell no. Not when you can have your whole house singing along. OK, so I would hate to live opposite someone like this -  our neighbour's security light alone makes me twitchy - but I can appreciate it from the distance of a distance of  approximately 2000 miles and my laptop.

CAT VS PRINTER - THE TRANSLATION - Old, but so good. And sweary. Sorry kids.

Give me links. I have nine more days til he gets home. And have a great weekend.
Lakota x
*Please don't call social services.

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