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So, This Is What Happened.

By Gabrielscala

I took a trip overseas for a couple of weeks. The first week, I was dedicated to daily posting. Because this blog is dedicated to literary topics – I struggled a bit. I struggled because I was out of my routine. I wasn’t keeping up with my reading. I wasn’t keeping up with my writing. The second week, well, I went to Munich. And I know it’s completely understandable that one might get a bit sidetracked while walking the streets of Munich. But then an unexpected thing happened. I become unplugged. Rather than checking my email, my facebook, my blog stats, I was outside walking, exploring, taking pictures and sitting in the park.

I’ll admit. It was a little uncomfortable at first. My attention span has apparently shrunk to next to nothing. And that, I have to say, is more than a little disturbing.

You see, I’ve always been the girl who could sit still. The girl who could spend hours watching people or birds or cloud formations. It’s true that an online presence is important for a writer. And it’s true that a successful online presence requires work. But there’s a line. Or, at least, there should be. I don’t know where that line is. And that’s a problem. The fact is, I’ve had a hard time plugging myself back in to the online world since my trip. I’ve found there are other things I’d rather be doing. And that has resulted in a virtual two week silence. But that is a swing in the other direction that has gone, I believe, a bit too far. Somewhere in there is a happy, healthy balance.

How do you balance real life with an online one?

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