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Snail Mail My Email Project: Vote for It for 2012 Webby Award

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Because I believe in the power of art and connection, when I see the two combined, I’ve just gotta offer a shameless pass-it-on post to spread the word on an innovative artistic collective project Snail Mail My Email.  Even though the project is over now, its artists’ works are saved everywhere — proudly displayed or tucked somewhere private — for their recipients to treasure forever.

Snail Mail My Email Project: Vote for It for 2012 Webby Award

“Snail Mail My Email is a month-long worldwide collaborative art project that ran from July 15 – August 15, 2011. The project allowed people to email a letter, which was then handwritten by volunteers — complete with customizable options like a doodle, flower petal or lipstick kiss if desired — and mailed to the recipient, completely free of charge. The result?”

Click on the image below to see!

 Snail Mail My Email Project: Vote for It for 2012 Webby Award

Most artists, I think, are generous by nature, and this project definitely proved it.

Oh, yeah, and this wonderful project is up for a Webby Award, so take a minute and go over to vote for it —!

Enjoy your Sunday, friend.

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