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Side Note on E Collars

By Dogercise

My last five posts have been on barking because i get questions on it more then anything else.  That is why I started this blog with that subject.  I wanted to ad this final opinion on the subject!

As a side note, I think e-collars have their place-but it should be a last resort and you should get a professional opinion (or two) on your dogs particular case before you even consider using one.  They are often mis-used and unnecessary, leading to more problems or masking the problem instead of fixing the behavioral issue.  I do believe they can be useful and have used them myself a few times, but rarely are they necessary and should only be used for a short period of time before the dog understands its purpose.  NEVER leave an e-collar on your pet without your supervision.  I will not use the automatic e-collars.  I have only used the ones that you yourself control.  I have found that I often don’t need it after using it just a couple times, then I can use the sound button and it works just as well.  Make sure it is on a very low setting.  They have the ability to go up way to high were it is harmful and can hurt the relationship between you and your dog.  Use it on your self first to see how it feels if you are thinking about using one.  Make sure you get the kind that vibrate, not shock.

Remember-most dogs just need more stimulation physically and mentally.  Exercise is most important-only then can the discipline you set be useful and understood.  After that you give them all the love you can because they deserve it!!!

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