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Shirt to Leggings Refashion

By Vixenmade
I have been meaning to try this refashion for months.  I'm not quite sure why it took me so long to do it.  Perhaps all the other creative juices floating around.  Anyone else find it hard to focus on one thing at a time sometimes?  Ha!
So I whipped up a new pair of leggings for my daughter from an old shirt of mine.  What do you think?

Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Kinda fun.
My daughter actually loved them and said they were 'so comfy', so I may have to make more!
Anyways, you probably want the tutorial, right?  

Get an old long sleeve shirt you no longer wear and a pair of your girl's leggings. 

Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Fold your leggings in half and lay it over top of the sleeve of your top.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Trace the top portion onto the sleeve with a marker.  Don't worry about adding any extra for your waistband or seam allowance, we'll be adding that later.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Cut out the arm piece, then trace it onto the other arm and do the same.  You should now have two sleeve/leg pieces.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Flip your pieces inside out.  Line up the inner seams and pin to create a front and back of your leggings.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Sew together.  You may also want to serge or sew a zigzag stitch along the raw edges.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Now using your leggings, measure the width of your waistband.  Not the circumference of the waist, just the width, like this.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Using the bottom hem of your old shirt as the waistband, use your waist width measurement and add 1/2 inch for seam allowance.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Cut the piece off your shirt.  You'll be adding thin elastic through the existing hem, so remember you'll need extra for seam allowance above that hem.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Measure the waistband of your leggings or your child's waist to figure out how much elastic you need.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Now slide your elastic through the existing hem of the piece you just cut.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Pin the ends together and sew together like so.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Pin your new waistband onto your leggings, right sides facing in.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Sew along the existing hem or just below.  Then you can serge or zigzag stitch the edges.
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
And that's it!  SO simple!
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Try them on and enjoy!
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Shirt to Leggings Refashion
Thanks for stopping by!

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