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Shark Dome Bed Keeps Kitty Purry Perfectly Pretty

By Petslady @petslady

Shark Dome Bed Keeps Kitty Purry Perfectly Pretty

When you're a megastar like Katy Perry, only the best will do and if you're Katy Perry's beloved cat Kitty Purry, only the best cat bed will suffice. Since Katy & Kitty chose the Shark Dome Bed, you'd better bet it's the best bed out there!

Shark Dome Bed Keeps Kitty Purry Perfectly Pretty
Perry's a practical type who hasn't let her fame (and presumed fortune) go to her head – if it did, we'd be discussing an air-conditioned designer cat condo worthy of former PTL Club host and convicted embezzler Jim Bakker's pampered pooch. Nope, Kitty Purry may be the cat's meow to Katy Perry but comfort is queen, not conspicuous consumption.
The Shark Dome Bed is certainly comfy with its ultra soft cushion and breathable, tent-like fabric covering. Comfort only goes so far with cats, however, as the finicky felines are fastidious groomers who prize cleanliness over... well, lots of other stuff.
Shark Dome Bed Keeps Kitty Purry Perfectly Pretty
That's where the Shark Dome Bed really stands out. The fabric is impregnated with  nano-particles which absorb bacteria, viruses, ammonia and other harmful substances. The bed's nanotechnology was developed in Japan and is guaranteed non-toxic to pets and the people who love them!
Shark Dome Bed Keeps Kitty Purry Perfectly Pretty
The nano-particles don't just absorb odors, they eliminate them with a little help from our environmentally-friendly friend, the Sun. Simply unzip the bed and leave it in sunlight for a while; by the time your own purry kitty wants to nap the bed'll be clean as a whistle and smelling sweet!
ThinkGeek and Prima Dog are offering the Shark Dome Bed in two sizes: Small for cats, dogs, rabbits etcetera weighing up to 10 lbs. and Large for pets up to 25 lbs. Pricing is $69.99 and $89.99 respectively. Unfortunately, there are no “human” sizes for Russell Brand types who find themselves in the doghouse. (via People, ThinkGeek, and Prima Dog, and thanks to Lady Bee for the tip!)

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