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By Tamarsb
Monday it was finally sunny! We seized the one sunny day in the forecast and traced our shadows outside three times throughout the day. We were watching what happens to our shadows as they day goes by. Who knew giving first graders chalk and letting them outside 3 extra times would make their day! Shadows! It was so fun to see all the shadows outside. I realized I never really pay attention to the shadows when we're outside for recess. That or seeing the sun after almost a week of rain and clouds was just a shock to my eyes...
Shadows!We used three different colors of chalk to see how the shapes of our shadows changed as the day went on. The kiddos were so excited to see what was happening and many of the predictions they had made were spot on!
Shadows! By 1:00 our shadows had changed quite a bit, they had gotten smaller and rotated! Do you know why that is?
Shadows!Of course, by the end of the day with two of the three first grades tracing shadows (3 times during the day) it looked like a mini crime scene on the black top, all the teachers had a good chuckle over that! Shadows!Shadows!

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