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Seven Tips to Combat Hayfever Naturally

By Juliepen @Julie_Penfold

Hayfever is a common seasonal allergy that causes discomfort and disruption to one in four people. As peak season is about to start as we move into May, I've delved into my previous features research on allergies to put together some handy tips to help you naturally combat your body against hayfever.

1. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine found in a number of food sources such as apples, green and black tea, plus red onion and garlic. The latter two must be eaten raw for maximum effect. 

2. Allicin - garlic has the added boost of its active ingredient allicin and is very effective in easing hayfever, asthma and related allergies.

3. Bromelain is an enzyme found naturally in yummy fresh pineapple that acts quickly to interrupt inflammatory responses and alleviate symptoms quickly.

4. Avoid trigger foods - nutritional expert Jenny Logan advises reducing histamine-rich foods in your diet such as cheese, coffee, red wine, chocolate and beer as they can all aggravate the histamine response and worsen hayfever symptoms.

5. Nettle - drink nettle tea or eat nettle soup to help with clearing catarrh and phlegm.

6. Flower aid - chamomile and elderflower both share a number of anti-allergic properties to help with irritation. Elderflower is anti-catarrhal and helps to dry mucus from inflamed nasal passages, while helping to ease congestion in the head and lungs. Chamomile helps to reduce allergies, anxiety and aids sleep. It can also help to boost the immune system with regular consumption.

Quick relief for itchy eyes: place chilled chamomile teabags onto the eyes to reduce soreness and itching.

7. Acupuncture can also be useful in helping to reduce hayfever symptoms as regular acupuncture sessions can help to stimulate the body's own healing response.

And from personal try and buy experience, I have found HayMax, the all-natural drug-free pollen barrier balm very effective. Feel free to share any additional natural tips that work for you...

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