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Service : A Place of Sincere Growth

By Jenrene

Service : A Place of Sincere Growth“ You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.”~ John 15:16

You know,  I never knew the “way up”- was by lowering yourself and your needs and your own priorities a little.

My mama used to say : “Make sure you treat people right on your way up, you never know if they will cross your path again on the way down.”   I wish everyone knew that serving others helps you to grow.  I was once going through a really tough time. I was unemployed and wanted what I wanted.  The job I ‘thought’ I had, fell through, and I had just relocated to a new city.   I was really desiring to hear from God, so I spent some time with Him.

So I asked God:”What am I supposed to do?”

I heard God to say to me, the most unexpected request.

He simply said: Serve.” I almost found myself laughing, like Sarah did… when she was told she would have a baby at the age of ninety-something.

Yet obedience to that request brought me such joy. I found myself working in the presence of children, who just made every day special – when I was enduring such a depressing time in my life. I was afraid , I was upset, I was stressed to the max, but every day a smiling face, a hug, an unexpected  kiss was given to me… and I saw God every day in their love towards me. Through this experience, God set me on a journey that radically changed my life. The depths of my relationships with friends and with God – shifted  immensely. I learned a lot about myself, my values,  my priorities and came face -to-face with  God about what was lacking in my life.  Friendships turned into fellowships and experiences into monuments I will remember for life.

This ”act of servitude” also brought  to me wonderful opportunities to add to my dream. I did jobs I normally wouldn’t have even thought of doing, yet now I have new ideas, because I chose to walk that path. At the end of that road, I met my husband. And because I was obedient to serve, I believe God brought me a wonderful man willing to give me a lifetime of love.

I continue to serve, and I continue to gather up really awesome surprises, as I walk this road. I find people along the way with great reservation, yet similar stories, and we encourage one another as we  have walked similar paths and  lives. I find God in those conversations and I see He was also in present in my (Red Sea) – my past. I would say most of all, I learned something about God’s love – how consistent it is. Also I learned how much God desires to provide for us, and sometimes only “He” can see what we really lack. God’s love for me was so simple, yet so profound. It showed up at every curve, every slump and every valley. I saw God cares much more about my obedience than He does my career, my lifestyle,  my wants or my temper tantrums. I found out that His loves reaches for a deeper need, and sometimes that need has to be met within me.

God’s love and his fellowship left me never alone. I had great peace.

I am ever so thankful for my valley of “servitude”… it is because of it – today,  I  have great JOY.

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