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  • Trees


    In the wake of the violent attacks in Manchester and London and that fiasco of a General Election, I was quite looking forward to writing about trees this week ... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Ashleylister
  • …remind


    Happy Saturday, crusaders and welcome to Father’s Day weekend.This is your official reminder, so I’ll give you a minute to rush out to get that card you meant t... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Zer
  • Rafflesia The Banished Princess The Smell of Innocent Happiness

    Rafflesia Banished Princess Smell Innocent Happiness

    Rafflesia The Banished Princess by Gautam is a story of two different worlds. These worlds are the world of childhood and the world of adulthood. Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Jaideep Khanduja
  • WayHome 2017 Preview: Frank Ocean Top 10

    WayHome 2017 Preview: Frank Ocean

    With WayHome 2017 getting closer and closer, our preparation and excitement continues to grow and grow. And one of the acts that we're most excited to see is... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Phjoshua
  • Saturday Sonnet: Cracking

    Saturday Sonnet: Cracking

    I wrote this poem years ago and thought I would share it here today. I’m putting together a collection of short stories and poetry that will be in book form... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Stephsscribe
  • PUDDLE 2017 Recap

    PUDDLE 2017 Recap

    2017 marks our fourth year attending the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event, also known simply as PUDDLE. PUDDLE is a large fan gathering held in Elk Grove... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Ashley Brooke, Kewpie83
  • NXNE 2017 – Where We’ll Be

    NXNE 2017 Where We’ll

    Entertainment, 2017, Caveboy, Club Land, Crown Lands, Dwayne Gretzky, Ferraro, Ian D'Sza (Billy Talent) Curated Showcase, Kaytranada, Nick Rose, Not Country,... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Phjoshua
  • Time, Motivation and Life

    Hello...It has been a while since I have blogged on here... rather than give a large list of excuses or distract from point of this post I will just say life go... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Kvlog101
  • …Dig Up


    Universal’s “The Mummy” reboot is meant to be the first step into their new “Dark Universe.” While this first film stumbles quite a bit, the universe it... Read more

    The 16 June 2017 by   Zer
  • Through the Keyhole

    Through Keyhole

    Time for another photo essay. This time I have some images from a visit to Eltham Palace. Eltham has a fascinating history: in its original incarnation, it was ... Read more

    The 16 June 2017 by   Xrematon