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Search and Rescue

By Kate_miller
Search and RescueI don't do windows. Obviously! But, looking at this picture has prompted me to find someone who does.
Enough about my lousy housekeeping ~ meet my $5 bargain. Do you recognize what's taking over my sunny window? It's a Clematis. I've got 8 of them growing in my living room and may I just say? It's a jungle in here!
I was picking up supplies, over at Walmart a couple months ago, when I spotted a rack of little green bags. Nearly dead Clematis roots inside. One enterprising little plant had wiggled her way through a hole in the green bag and was sprouting. So, naturally, I had to rescue her. And, then I went back and rescued all of her friends.
I would not have guessed that dead, dry Clematis roots could make such a fab comeback but if you look.... real.... close... you'll see that she's budding!
* Safe planting date, at my elevation, is Memorial Day so it won't be long until I can set them free.

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