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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

By Ronniejt28 @hurtledto60
This is my second week contributing to Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Last week I cheated because I wanted to join in and had only found Ashley's blog, so I used photos from my library.   All week, since last Sunday, I have been scavenging, with my camera, for ideas of the prompts we were given.  Words, Under, Orange, Fly and Always look on the bright side.  I had been warned that photo challenges are addictive and, boy, how I discovered very quickly that they certainly are!
The trouble I have now is that there are a couple of photos in two of the categories that I can't make my mind up which one to use, so I will show both.   These are my contributions to Scavenger Hunt this week:
  1. WORDS
 Some photos have to be set up and after a great deal of thought I came up with the one below.  I felt quite pleased about it until a friend said they didn't like the composition, it made me doubt it but it is here anyway:-
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
2.  UNDEROur local radio announce the tide times every morning.   On Thursday I heard the tide was out at lunchtime,  so I took my camera to work, went to the beach and stood underneath the pier.  It was a bracing exercise!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
When I walked back up the beach, I noticed the graffiti underneath the theatre that is at the beginning of the pier.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
3.  Orange
 As a lot of the contributors to Scavenger Hunt Sunday are American, it was a pretty good bet that there would be a good number of pumpkins, so I decided not to go down that route.
On Saturday I visited and subsequently wrote a blog post about Sheffield Park which is a local National Trust Garden.  The intention was to take photos of the lovely autumn russets.  This is my contribution to Orange.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Surprise, surprised,  despite trying to avoid pumpkins, I saw a selection of them outside a shop, they were just too good to miss, so I surreptitiously whipped out my mobile (cell) phone and took a photo of them.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge
4.  FLY
With this prompt, I had intended to go down to the beach this weekend to take photos of the kite surfers, but there was no wind today.  The other alternative was this one:-
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
5.  Always look on the bright side
My last photos is of my Mum.  She is almost 93 and has lived in a nursing home around the corner from me for almost 3 years and has never been happier.  Although wheelchair bound and completely non-weight bearing, she is always cheerful.  This photo I took on Friday evening, when the Home were having a Hollywood Nights evening.  All the residents were dressed up and Mum had a little tiara and sparkly beads.  We all had a great time.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Thank you Ashley for such great prompts and I look forward to another week of being busy with my camera.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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