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Say What?!?!

By Babyjandbean
Say What?!?!
Here's a few recent gems from Baby J to get your weekend off to a fun start!
On our walk yesterday:Baby J: That's a car. Is it yellow like a banana? (One of his favorite things to say after a walk with his pappy one day)Me: No, it's silver like a quarter. Baby J: Is it nice? Do you like it?Me: Sure.
A few minutes later:Baby J: Oh, look at that! It's rocks!Me: Yep! Those are rocks.Baby J: Are they nice? Do you like them?Me: They're ok, I guess.Baby J: Are they cute? Do they make you happy?Me: Uh...Baby J: Can I have one?Me: Sure. Please hold on to it.
A few minutes later:Baby J: Oh, look at that! It's flowers!Me: Yes, those are flowers. Do you know what color they are?Baby J: They're yellow like a banana!Me: That's right.Baby J: Are they nice? Do you like them?Me: Sure.Baby J: Are they cute? Do they make you happy?Me: Sure. They're pretty and flowers make people happy.Baby J: Can I have one?Me: Sorry, sweetheart. Those belong to someone else.Baby J: (Throws rock at flowers)Me: Now that wasn't very nice.
A few minutes later:Baby J: Oh, look! More rocks? I lost my rock. Can I have one?Me: No!Baby J: But they're cute. They make me happy.Me: Let's keep moving...
-------Baby J: (In response to thunder) That's a big sound.Me: Yes, it's thunder. It's loud.Baby J: (Looking through window) But I can't see it.Me: No, you can't see thunder. You hear thunder. Remember, you see with your eyes and hear with your ears. Baby J: Rain, go away! It's coming from the clouds. This is NOT a nice day.
------After he falls and bumps his knee, I pick him up for a hug and kiss.Baby J: I'm the baby bear. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.
Have a great weekend!

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