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Say What?!?!

By Babyjandbean
Say What?!?!
All kids have a silly streak and Baby J is no exception. Actually, he's silly more often than not and he's been saying some crazy things lately. Here's just a few of his recent "say what" moments:
Baby J: Daddy sleeps in the potatoes.
Baby J: This is a blueberry. Is it like a garbage truck?
Baby J: Can i have blueberries? Please? Me: Sure. Hold on a second. Gives him a handful of blueberries.Baby J: Oooh yummy. Are they magic? Like hocus pocus?Me: What?Baby J: What's in your eyes, Mommy?Me: Um, eyes? Bean takes an accidental swim in the bath tub. Gets a mouthful of water. Cries. Hard. For a second. He's fine. Baby J cried even harder.Baby J: Oh, my baby. My poor baby.
Me to Husband: I need to clean Baby J's ears tonight. I noticed some ick in there today.Husband: Baby J, do you have potatoes growing in your ears?Baby J: No. I don't like potatoes anymore!

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