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Saturday Morning Experiment

By Theclosedloop @theclosedloop

I just woke up Saturday morning with an urge to experiment with my heat gun and plastic bags. I would like to place some emphasis on “just woke up” to excuse my untidy appearance. Yes, my heat gun is Kawasaki brand.

Saturday Morning Experiment

Saturday Morning Experiment

It’s crazy how much plastic shrinks. Look at how cute these shrunken plastic bags are!

Saturday Morning Experiment

Saturday Morning Experiment

I always struggle with the huge gap between disposable products and valuable ones. It doesn’t make much sense that some disposable products (like plastic bags) are made out of a material that do not allow itself to really be properly disposed of (proper disposal being in a closed loop of course


It is so fascinating that a man-made material like plastic is associated with cheapness…  when its chemical make up suggests the exact opposite — robustness. Plastic has so many favorable properties (ex – waterproof, doesn’t degrade) to make a robust, valuable product. Why are so many disposable products made out of plastic?

Is it because of plastic’s low manufacturing cost? Or it’s aesthetic properties? Probably a combination of both.

I’m experimenting with molding plastic bags into a new form (like over a glass cup in the photo above). When melted, the plastic bag takes on this really interesting translucent, fibrous texture. As cliche as it is, I think it could look pretty cool as a light.

I think I just found a project to work on this weekend…

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