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By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
The Red Sox avoided the embarrassment of being swept this weekend by the Pirates by pulling out a 4-2 win on Sunday.
Nice job by Andrew Miller, who went six innings, and got the win. He allowed both runs. The bullpen was stellar in the final six innings, as Aceves, Bard and Papelbon allowed just a walk by Papelbon in the ninth. They ended a hideous four-game losing streak to some of the NL lesser-lights.
One thing I really missed this weekend is the announcing of Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, as I was stuck having to listen to the brutal Pittsburgh announce team on the MLB package all weekend. Today was especially awful, as color guy Bob Walk said the Red Sox play in a "softball league" among other gems. He went on about how much he hates the DH, especially after the both benches were warned after Andrew Miller threw at the feet of the Pirates rookie catcher in the sixth inning.
I consider NL baseball to be an inferior brand of baseball. I love these announcers (mostly from NL teams) and so-called "traditionalists" who bemoan the DH, and how it takes away "strategy." BS. There's still plenty of strategy needed with a DH, and having pitchers hit causes the average manager more headaches.
And may I point out to Mr. Walk that the DH is going nowhere. It's here to stay. The Players Association would scream bloody murder if there was a legitimate movement to ban the DH in the AL. The National League is the only league in the baseball universe that DOESN'T use the DH. It's in Japan, Latin America, Australia, every minor league, the NCAA and high schools. And I love when I hear those so-called "experts" who keep saying "get rid of the DH." I reply to that: "So when the hell is the NL going to come into the 21st century (or even the late 20th century) and get with the program and put both leagues in synch with each other?"
I guess announcing a team that has had 18 straight losing seasons can do damage to your brains in some ways.
New York's win over the Rockies today keeps the Red Sox at one-half game back, and they play the Phillies in a three-game series beginning Tuesday night. Josh Beckett comes back from his flu to make the start.

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