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Safety Measures in a Cab

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
I live in New Delhi, India. Known to be one of the most liberal, and the most unsafe city for women to reside in. Every female here, educated , illiterate, working, non-working, smart or naive have their own set of safety protocol that they follow.
Being a working woman specially means that you would have to take a cab at some point or the other, for work or otherwise. And cabs are one of the most vulnerable places to be in as far as crimes against women are concerned.
Here is my checklist that I keep in mind when I am in a cab.
  • It is a good idea, always, to know the route, if not exact, then at least approximate. Would help you against being duped or being taken elsewhere other than your intended destination. Of course, this precaution is of little help if you are in a foreign land. Foreign here is any unknown area and not Only outside of India.
  • Do Not Sleep to save yourself. While this may seem obvious, I have witnessed many people who sink into a slumber as easily as they do in the vehicle's back seat, specially in their office cabs. While your office may have you covered, your safety is your own responsibility first.
  • Be attentive to the driver's actions, specially any calls that he makes. These are some of the perils of the mobile phone, when he can inform someone where is he headed. His informing anyone over the phone of the end point or probable route of the journey should alarm you to some extent.
  • Don't curtain your ears with anything - be it music with the ear plugs or that phone call you wish to make - postpone it when your commute is done.
  • If traveling at night, always keep a defense prop handy - it could be a pepper spray, a knife or even an umbrella. Like they say, 'Better Safe than Sorry'.
  • Look aggressive and sharp even if internally you feel soft like a pulp and scared for life.When you cant fight them, it is better to scare them.

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