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Safe In My Arms

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

God bless the family that made this video. This song alone would be enough to make me make me weep, but the accompanying video made me sob. The little girl reminds me so much of my little girl, Anastasia.

Nothing will ever mean more to me then my children. There has never been a greater honor bestowed upon me than that of being a father, nor will there ever be, no matter how exalted.

My only, and deepest regret, is that I have not been able to provide my children with a strong, loving family. Some people, especially women, see me as a great Dad. To the contrary, I am a colossal failure. I could not keep my own family together, nor could I provide my children with an alternative, blended one.

All I have left is my love and devotion to my children. That’s all I have to offer…

Trust me ladies, most men cannot write or speak like me. But many of them feel the same way I do. 

Someday, when the mountains have crumbled to sea and the stars have fallen from the sky and this earth has passed away, we will see…we will see that family is all that counts and it’s all that ever did. 

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