Roundup: 3 More Views on Growing Your Dental Practice in Tough Economic Times

Posted on the 29 May 2011 by Jon Baucom @SidekickMag

In my last blog post I featured an article by Dr. John C. Cranham on how he embraced new implant technology to meet the challenges of the economy.

It struck me, that in the pages of our magazine there have been quite a few articles by experienced dental practitioners specifically about various approaches to these tough times, and what they’ve done so their dental practices would thrive.

I decided to highlight 3 more interesting angles on the issue for this post. Let me know what you think. There are others too, which you will find by browsing, searching, and clicking on related links below!

In “Technologies That Show I Care,” Dr Cynthia Brattesani DDS, writes, “Even in this tough economy, my patient base has grown, and I continue to search for ways to reach them though such innovations as digital and computer technologies. My patients know that my investments in special equipment stem from my concern about their dental health.” Read about how Dr. Brattesani uses social networking, digital X-rays, iPads, and more, to bring more detailed information the her patients in a more timely way.

In “Laser! Laser! Laser!,” Dr. Brian Toorani, writes about “embracing technology and wanting more from ourselves and our daily habits.” He says this article is “about being better than most others and creating value for our patients.” In a threatening economy, “this article is about abundance and positivity.”

Dr. Toorani believes, that mow, more than ever, the key is to create value for your patients and to stand out from the crowd! It is important challenge ourselves to “get outside of our comfort zone, learn new procedures, and utilize the incredible new technologies that dentistry now has to offer.If you love what you do, then this is the time to learn to do it better!”

In the third last highlight of this roundup, I wanted to bring special attention to this unusual piece on by Timothy J. Caruso, a practicing Physical Therapist, on taking care of yourself so you can also provide better care to your dental patients over the long run.

If you haven’t read “Sitting Shouldn’t Have to Be a Job,” you should.

Caruso reminds us that most “dental practitioners sit for the majority of the workday.” And many dental professionals report experiencing frequent discomfort in the back and neck areas.

He further points out that the economy is pushing everyone to do more with less and lays out some very practical advise on equipment and on your approach that could go a long way for both you and your practice.

I think you’ll enjoy these article if you haven’t read them yet. And we’d love to hear what you are doing differently now in your dental practice in response to these times. Leave us a comment below!

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