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Rory Gallagher: New Album "Notes From San Francisco"

Posted on the 25 March 2011 by Hctf @hctf

Rory Gallagher

An recently unearthed Rory Gallagher studio album bundled with an live disc finally sees the light of day Gallagher recorded the studio tracks for Notes From San Francisco in November 1997 in San Francisco, but wasn't happy with the resu;ts and the recordings were shelved.

In November 1977, after completing a 6 month world tour, Rory Gallagher and his band flew straight from their last show in Japan to San Francisco to begin working on a new album, with famed American producer Elliot Mazer (Neil Young - 'Harvest', Janis Joplin - 'Cheap Thrills', The Band - 'The Last Waltz'). Mazer recalls that the sessions grew "tense", as Gallagher wasn't happy with the mixing process, describing them as "too complicated", and by the end of January 1978 he shelved the whole record and broke up his band of the past 5 years.

(Rory Gallagher - Rue The Day)

Rory Gallagher: Notes From San Francisco

Notes From San Francisco is a 2CD. Disc 1 contains the studio tracks and three bonus tracks. Disc 2 a live album taken from four nights at The Old Waldorf, San Francisco December 1979, with Gerry McAvoy on bass and Ted McKenna on drums. The album is released by Sony Music in Europe on June 6th & by Eagle Rock om May 17th in North America..


  1. Rue The Day
  2. Persuasion
  3. B Girl
  4. Mississippi Sheiks
  5. Wheels Within Wheels
  6. Overnight Bag
  7. Cruise On Out
  8. Brute Force & Ignorance
  9. Fuel To The Fire
    bonus tracks:
  10. Wheels Within Wheels (Alt version)
  11. Cut A Dash
  12. Out On The Tiles
CD 2:
  1. Follow Me
  2. Shinkicker
  3. Off The Handle
  4. Bought And Sold
  5. I’m Leavin’
  6. Tattoo’d Lady
  7. Do You Read Me
  8. Country Mile
  9. Shadow Play
  10. Bullfrog Blues
  11. Sea Cruise

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