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Room On The Broom Review

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

image001 Room On The Broom Review

From the creators of The Gruffalo
Available on DVD and Digital Download
18 March 2013

“Pure, happy-making perfection” – The Times


Casey Aged 10 Reviews: There was a witch and her cat who went around a forest on a flying broom. Then suddenly the witches hat fell of her head and landed in the forest. The witch and the cat search for the hat and a dog was chewing on it. The cat whistled and the dog dropped the hat politely and said to the witch ” Is there any room on the broom for a dog like me ? ” the witch thought  and nodded ” yes!”

The witch, the cat and the dog climbed on the broom.


They were off high in the sky. Then the witches yellow bow fell out of her hair and fell in a field of hay. The witch, the cat and the dog all searched for the bow but it was no were to be found.Then a green bird flew from the sky with the yellow bow in its beak.The bird dropped the bow politely and said ” Is there an room for a bird like me?”. The cat and the dog shook there heads but the witch said ” yes!” and the cat and the dog sighed.

The witch , her cat , the dog and the bird climbed on the broom and sped off. Then the witches wand fell out of her hand and fell near a pond. The animals and the witch went down to find it. Then a frog had the wand and dropped it politely and said  ” Is there any room on the broom for me?”

The witch nodded “Yes” and they all climbed on the broom and set off again.

When they were high in the sky the broom snapped and the animals fell into a pile of mud and the witch was left alone in the sky on a piece of the broom.

A dragon comes and says  ”I think I will be having chips with this witch for my tea”.

The witch tries to go faster and she falls and she gets trapped and then the dragon comes towards her and she faints. The dragon carries her on his shoulder and before he takes off all the animals stand on top of each-other to make a big monster. They all said ” That’s my witch”

The dragon dropped the witch and left.

They all have a shower and she puts the broom in her cauldron and fixes it and makes lots of chairs on the broom for them animals so they can ride with her too.


broom1 Room On The Broom Review

From the creators of The Gruffalo, the charming and magical tale of ROOM ON THE BROOM whooshes onto DVD and digital download on 18 March 2013 from Entertainment One – just in time for Easter!

Based on the bestselling book from author and Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler, this timeless story about friendship and family is narrated by Simon Pegg (Ice Age: Continental Drift).

The all-star voice cast features Gillian Anderson (Johnny English Reborn) as the kind-hearted Witch and Rob Brydon (The Gruffalo) as her loyal companion Cat. Cat is joined by Bird (Sally Hawkins; Great Expectations), along with the very enthusiastic Dog (Martin Clunes; Doc Martin) and Frog (David Walliams (Little Britain) to help scare away a large, hungry Dragon (Timothy Spall; Harry Potter).

Staying true to the book which has sold over two and a half million copies since 2001, ROOM ON THE BROOM is an enchanting modern classic to be enjoyed time and time again. The book’s popularity has led to a stage show and licensed products including plush toys, puzzles and activity books. The captivating animation tells the story of a kind

witch who invites a surprising collection of animals to join her on her broom, much to the frustration of her Cat who feels that things are getting a bit overcrowded. However, Cat soon learns to appreciate the value of friendship of family when new arrivals Dog, Bird and Frog help Cat save the Witch from a fearsome Dragon. In gratitude, the Witch later rewards them all with a magnificent new broom with room for everyone!

Enjoyed by an audience of 7.6m viewers for its Christmas premiere on BBC1, ROOM ON THE BROOM promises to delight on DVD and digital download on 18 March 2013, providing perfect family entertainment for the Easter holidays. Look out for exciting bonus material including a ‘making of’ documentary, a Julia Donaldson Live Performance and a director’s artwork gallery.

RELEASE DATE: 18 March 2013
RRP: £9.99
GENRE: Family
ROOM ON THE BROOM is available for digital download on 18 March 2013 from iTunes in HD and SD

Will You Be Buying? 

 Room On The Broom Review

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