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Rome Coliseum: Day Or Night?

By Expatgermany

rome coliseum pictures

The Rome Coliseum – One of Rome’s most visited attractions and finest pieces of architecture  Dating back to 72 AD, the Coliseum seated 50,000 spectators and hosted a variety of events including re-enactments of famous battles, classical mythology dramas and the more gruesome animal hunts and executions.

rome coliseum pictures night As an animal lover, the most fascinating (and disturbing fact) that I learned about the Coliseum was that 9000 animals, including elephants, tigers and lions were killed in the inaugural games.  I don’t think I would have wanted to witness that, although I did make a pretty good gladiator at Gladiator School….stay tuned.  I could look at the Coliseum for hours, but thought it was at its best at night.  What do you think:  day or night?

Thank you to HouseTrip for providing me with my apartment in Rome AND the most AMAZING VIEW  I’ve ever had from any apartment or hotel I’ve ever stayed in – both photos were taken from the bedroom in the Colosseo apartment where I stayed.  It is located on the  3d floor (with elevator) of a beautiful 19th century Palazzo and sleeps up to ten people.

This photo has been submitted to Nancie at Budget Travelers Sandbox and Delicious Baby where you can see more travel photos.

Know Before You Go to to the Rome Coliseum:

  • Purchase your tickets online in advance to avoid long lines
  • Try and visit the Coliseum at off peak times if possible
  • The Coliseum is not nearly as busy at night and is worth walking around, checking it out from different sides
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