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Roger Glover on Working on the New Deep Purple Album

Posted on the 20 November 2012 by Hctf @hctf
Roger Glover on working on the new Deep Purple albumIan Gillan and Roger Glover in Nashville - photo: Bob Ezrin

Roger Glover and Ian Gillan have been working on the lyrics for the tracks for a new Deep Purple album. Writing sessions happened in Portugal, and recoding at Bob Ezrin's studio in Nashville, TN. Roger Glover on his website:

As I stated in the last missive, after five weeks the band left Nashville with fourteen tracks all but complete. The only thing missing was the vocals. IG had several ideas floating around but only one or two were considered complete. So a few weeks later, at his invitation I flew to Portugal, where he regularly hangs out, and spent a week with him working on the lyrics and tunes. It truly was a refreshing time and it felt like we had been transported back to the 60s when we first started writing together. It was relaxed but positively focused and we came away feeling pretty good.
A month later he and I flew back to Nashville to complete his vocals. This time, the temperature was not so ferocious although that didn’t matter a great deal as most of the time was spent in Bob Ezrin’s private studio. Our usual working day started at 9:30 and finished around 19:00. One day we arrived early, before anybody was there to let us in. When Bob drove up, he saw us sitting outside the studio, taking in the morning sunshine. “Now there’s a photograph,” he said and snapped the one you see at the end of this report.
Only a couple of the songs that IG and I had worked on in Portugal needed a re-write but work continued unabated on the rest. Two weeks later we had completed everything and left, leaving only the mix to be done. We have left that in the capable hands of Bob Ezrin and his engineer Justin “Corky” Cortelyou. As I write, it is almost done. I can tell you no more for the moment. Like many of you, I am waiting.

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