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Review: Okami (Wii)

By Trigger
Review: Okami (Wii)

Review: Okami (Wii)

"Busty babe" Rao

  • A fresh take on Zelda.
  • No obvious overworld/dungeon structure, it all melds together fairly nicely.
  • Unique graphical style.
  • Great focus on japanese culture and mythology.

  • The wiimote brush controls don't work as well as they should.
  • A bit "heavy" visually (ex: animated textboxes). A bit more minimalism would have been welcome.
  • The music tends to change/be interrupted a bit too often.
  • Lots of chatter, often superfluous. The game takes a while to get started because of this.
  • The game blows its wad prematurely and has trouble keeping the momentum up during it's second half.

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