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Retro Red-Orange Lipstick

By Janehspark

Retro Red-Orange Lipstick

Tuesday Tip:  Add a bright bright lipstick to your repertoire.  I got one of those haircuts this Saturday that actually make your hair look LONGER, and Leigh said that my haircut was all about my lips, so of course I had to run across the street to MAC to buy a “I just got my hair cut and it’s all about my lips” kind of lipstick.

I chose “So Chaud,” a tomato-orange-red lipstick that ended up disturbing my children.  “Your lips aren’t really naturally that color, mom,” they argued.  Nope.  And they’re not naturally lavender, taupe, beige or burgundy either.   I can’t tell yet whether I can carry it off.  But it felt colorful and summery.  Downright zesty.

My tips for applying this type of rich matte lipstick are:

  1. You have to use foundation.  This type of lip color does not look good against (most) natural skin.
  2. Rub foundation on your lips too, to create a clean canvas, and also to ensure your lipstick stays in place.  For bonus points, use a primer before your foundation (does not have to be a lip primer, just any old primer will do).
  3. Use a lip liner.  I use MAC in “Spice” – a neutral color that goes with every lipstick becuase it just looks like the color of my lips.  You DON’T have to match your lip liner to your lipstick.
  4. Apply lipstick.
  5. Blot with tissue, and then pat some loose or pressed powder on your lips.
  6. Reapply lipstick.
  7. Blot again.

Holy moly that seems like a lot of steps.  It IS a commitment to wear a bold lip – and I’m not exactly the kind of girl that drinks coffee out of a straw.  So it’s not for every day, but on the flip side, you don’t have to do much about eye makeup then.

So although it is FAR from So Chaud in freezing cold Seattle, at least my lips are living in color.  And it’s always fun to try something new.  What’s the So Chaud in your life?

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