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Posted on the 08 March 2011 by Astylizedhysteria

I spend more time than I should admit scanning the web for gorgeous desktop wallpapers. Considering how often I change my blog layout, are you surprised that I constantly switch my wallpaper? Every once in a while, I like to cleanse my palette, so to speak, with a really simple wallpaper. Something along the lines of…

simple desktops wallpaper aviator afro
simple desktops wallpaper bubbles grey blue

simple desktops wallpaper bye mice cat
simple desktops wallpaper zombie green blue

simple desktops wallpaper clockwork orange
simple desktops wallpaper peacock feather

And my personal favorite, sharktopus!

simple desktops wallpaper sharktopus

Get these and more at Simple Desktops. Just don’t blame me if you end spending hours at work browsing.

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