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Resort 2014 Accessories: Fenton

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Fenton, of glass fame, is also known as a manufacturer of fine jewelry. This year’s Resort 2014 offerings are quite spectacular indeed. Bracelets studded with dozens and dozens of diamonds and necklaces featuring bold, angular shapes proclaim that, at least for this year, the Fenton direction is that of bold individuality.

Fenton Resort 2014Courtesy Photo

Rather than acting as accessories to anything that the owner of such a piece wishes to throw on, the clothing itself must act as an accessory to the powerful character of these accessories.

Fenton Resort 2014 Earrings

Fenton Resort 2014 Earrings

The soft, natural curve of a Fenton necklace chain upon the neck has been completely overwhelmed by long phalanges of gold and silver that weave a pattern that changes with each step the wearer makes.

Fenton Resort 2014 Necklace

Fenton Resort 2014 Necklace

Greens, golds, and oranges are all mashed together in a riot of color, each carrying its own distinct shape within the whole. Some of Fenton’s pieces even appear to be locked in some sort of inner conflict, each color intent on beating out the others for dominance in the piece. Good luck matching that to any random outfit in your wardrobe.

Fenton Resort 2014 Necklace

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