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Regret, Tattoos, and Regret

By Stephsscribe @stephverni

Dear Readers,

I know I blogged earlier, but I feel I must share this wonderful bit of wisdom with you from Kathryn Schulz on TED. A writer, journalist, speaker, author, Schulz talks about regret, one of the subjects of “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” and something I, and many others, think about often. This clip is about 16 minutes long, but worth every single second.

I just wanted to share it because it spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you as well about anything that you’ve done in the past that has left you full of regret. This puts a new spin on things.

Also, to those students who ask me WHY I DON’T HAVE A TATTOO, as if I am off my rocker for not partaking of this artistic trend, Schulz explains so beautifully her reasons why she regrets hers. All I can say is ditto and Amen! to her as to why I won’t get one: a tattoo is just way to much commitment for me.


Regret, Tattoos, and Regret

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