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Reflections: How To Keep Up With Your Wishlist?

Posted on the 12 April 2012 by Bookaholic
Reflections:  How To Keep Up With Your Wishlist?
Since I've started blogging, I've gained an outrageous wishlist/TBR (it's all the same to me).  The difficult part has been keeping up with it all.  I've often wondered...How does everyone do it?
I like to pretend like I'm super organized and really on top of it all but usually I'm floundering.  I tried to use Goodreads to organize my wishlist but I quickly abandoned it.  I wasn't familiar enough with the site initially and I wanted to keep track of where I was getting my recommendations.  Though, Jennifer from Book Den created a great tutorial on how to create exclusive shelves on Goodreads and I want to give it a try.
Then I tried to use OneNote, which is available for PCs who have Microsoft.  I should mention that OneNote is my life.  I use it for EVERYTHING. I created tabs for different genres and copy/pasted the covers of books that I wanted to add to my wishlist into the OneNote.  I liked this method because it automatically copied the link from the site hosting the image, allowing me to keep track of both reviews and bloggers, which means I didn't lose track of who inspired me to add the book to my list.
Oh but ever the lazy 3L, even that method became a bit much and I was soon disorganized and confused.  I gave up once again.  Mostly because I became to lazy to open the OneNote app (yes...I'm that lazy).
So now... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... I use Pinterest.  It's so awesome!  I have a board for each topic or genre and I have a little pin it button at the top of my browser.  I come to a great review that excites me, click the button, choose the image I want to pin and the board, and voila... all done!  The pin will always take me back to the original site of the review and it is my list is super pretty!
Reflections:  How To Keep Up With Your Wishlist?
I know that many of you have super organized methods of organizing your Wishlist/TBR.  How do you do it?  Which factors are important to you?  Do you keep track of who recommends the book?

I still haven't managed a way to prioritize the books I want to read/buy the most?  How do you manage that aspect of your TBR?  

Inquiring minds want to know...

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