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Really Expensive Abstract Art: Gerhard Ritchter

By Yasoypintor @antoniobasso

Gerhard Ritchter´s abstract painting sold for more than 20 MM.

Today I read than one of Gerhard Ritcher abstract paintings belonging to his Abstraktes Bild´series, was sold last night for more than 21 USD MM. To see how this happens check this Gerhard Richter´s painting auction at Christie´s

Gerard Richter,  abstract art, contemporary art, art auctions, Christies

I just don´t care about how much his paintings are worth (though I´m sure that news like this affect my inner valuation of his original and world wide valued art).

Gerard Richter, abstract art, contemporary art, art auctions, Christies

In the past I have writen two interesting posts that included Gerhard Richter´s abstract art. I did it because I really admire many of the peaces he creates and beacuse it is so “universal” that his paintings can be continually included in contemporary art articles of any kind.

Gerard Richter, abstract art, contemporary art, art auctions, Christies

The more I see them, the more I like them. They have lots of color, they have visual power, they are trully abstract, there´s movement on them, they are original, the are lines as well as undetermined forms and shapes, and as you can see in the below video there´s fun in the making process. What else do you need?

What about you, what do you think about Richter´s abstract art? Does it add something to the history of art?. Please add your comments, thoughts, ideas and knowledge below.

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By Mahmudur Rahman
posted on 12 December at 19:59

21 million dollar for that? you gotta be kidding me....i really really want to know why? can anyone answer...honestly pls? here is the link ----