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Quilled Bird Designs

By Ann Martin @allthingspaper
I've been thinking about the zillions of quilled birds that are flying around the internet. Birds are so varied and colorful, it's no wonder many of us like to try our hand at replicating them with paper strips.
Here's one I made that features a Jacobean fellow, inspired by a crewelwork design. I seem to be on a roll with good luck cards lately.
Quilled Jacobean Bird Card
The marbled background was the cover of a museum brochure originally - I wish I had an unlimited supply; love it! After doing a run of marriage certificates and wedding invitations in subtle colors, I enjoyed using such vivid shades of quilling paper.
Same goes for this little parrot. Whimsical and bright, I made him as part of a collection of baby animals to go on a frame for one of our nephews. Now that I'm taking such a close look, I see he kind of looks like he's tip-toeing along the branch, ha!
Wendy Verity of Australia made this adorable abstract owl... sorry the pic is a bit overexposed, but we can make out the clever design just fine. She rolled silver-edged paper with green and purple to give his eyes such a nice shine, and he looks very handsome against the Cuttlebug embossed background.
If you're new here and would like to see a recap of some other birds I've quilled, visit Donaville Herrick's beautiful new site, Dearest Nature, where she kindly featured several of my feathered friends earlier this week.
If you've quilled a bird (or even a flock!) you'd like to share with everyone, I hope you'll post a link in the comments section.

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