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Quickening Your Throws: Take It to the Hip

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
Quickening your throws: Take it to the hipI’ve said many times that as kids get older, the game gets faster.  In many respects, this blog is an attempt to help players keep up with the pace of the game so that they can get the most out of their potential.Quickening your throws: Take it to the hipThe catching and throwing transition is an important one but even more so for infielders who have to develop quick hands to enable them to start double-plays, turn double-plays, field slow rollers, and complete various other plays as well.  
A tip for any infielder who wishes to improve their times in the catch and throw transition is to take the ball out of the glove and bring it to the area of your throwing side hip.  If a player fields a ground ball and brings the ball out by taking his hand lower than his throwing hip, he is creating an arm path that is usually going to be a bigger circle.  Bigger circles = more time.  Of course, there are always times where this would be warranted.  Usually the more power that’s needed on a throw the bigger the circle that will be needed.  A throw home from the outfield would be an example.  However, most throws that occur in the infield need more quickness as opposed to power.  Bringing the ball out and towards the throwing hip starts the ball on a small enough path to be quick but big enough to generate some power.  Make the circle smaller and you’ll sacrifice power.  Make the circle bigger and you’ll sacrifice time.  Taking the ball towards the hip is usually the healthy balance that most infielders need.

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