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By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
about Cecelia Ahern in first English book touches on Love, but ends up writing a book on dealing with the unexpected pains of life.
up(s) It is a light read, and an undercover self-help agent, as one step at a time, each chapter entails overcoming grief in some little way.

down(s)  The traces of chick literature thrown in here and there lack spark.  The language is overtly simple, making the book a shallow read. The expected turns the story takes after first some pages turns every upcoming chapter predictable enough. To make matters worse, the story line has a little too many characters, most of who do not add any value and could have been easily omitted without making a difference to the book.
the plotAt 30, Holly is dealing with the loss of her lover and husband, Gerry, and not only is her heart in pieces, but her mind knows no way in which she can handle her days. Her world consists of a large family, a group of friends, and memories of her perfect yesterday which seems to be lost. She is without job, and worse still, she is without hope, when one day, she stumbles upon a series of letters her husband has written for her. He instructs her to open one letter every month, thereby guiding Holly to overcome her grief, and start afresh with life. The rest of the book spans these letters, and how Holly comes to terms with herself and gets her life in order.
verdict If you must, go grab the movie instead – the 500 pages of read is hardly worth as the book lacks any takeaway thought.

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