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Preventing Celiac Disease

By Newsanchormom

Preventing Celiac Disease
New research expected to be presented this week in Chicago as part of Digestive Disease Week may make you think twice about when to start your child on solid foods. The research shows kids born between March and August may be more likely to develop the autoimmune problem known as Celiac disease. People with the disease can have a range of digestive problems from severe bloating to diarrhea and malnutrition. Research shows "when" a child is exposed to gluten(found mostly in bread and wheat) likely plays some sort of a role in development of the disease. Children who are born in the spring and summer are typically started on solid foods that contain gluten during the cold and flu season. Scientists believe if they contract certain viruses while they are being introduced to gluten for the first time, they may be more likely to develop Celiac Disease. I think this is really interesting. It's not something that's for sure just yet, but it's something to keep in mind if you have autoimmune or digestive problems that run in the family.
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