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Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone

Posted on the 23 November 2012 by Christyo8 @CTDESIGNSINC
Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone
Ok, I am JUST now able to get the iPhone... So what? I know I'm late to the party, but I was a long time U.S. Cellular user and they not only resisted the 4G network, they became decidedly "anti-iPhone". As a matter of fact, the customer retention department specialist that I spoke to as I was canceling my service told me that they were "...sorry to see me "take a step back" by going with the iPhone." Yeah, ok I'll try to survive this "dinosaur" of a gadget... What a talking point! I've got Siri now, what do you guys have, a Samsung Galaxy with a big screen?
As a hardcore, and long time Apple enthusiast, I am beyond thrilled that my Macbook and cellular phone are now talking to each other! There is nothing like it. All that is left now for me to conquer is the iPad! We'll see if I can get that one in my stocking come Christmas.
Anywho, now that I have been able to discover all the goodies that the phone has to offer, I just HAD to recommend my favorite (free) apps so far. Feel free to share your own in the comments. I know that I am just scratching the surface since there are thousands of apps out there!
Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhoneFlipboard is a great way to keep up with the main stories from your Twitter timeline, Facebook feed and news sources. 

Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone

Similar to digital magazines, you "flip" the content/pages by interacting with the screen.

There is such an overwhelming amount of information that we consume now that this is a cool way to grab the info vs. the traditional "point and click" method. You can check out the interface here.

Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone

As a designer who spends a significant amount of time looking for images, what a relief to have an app handy so that you can do it on the go! Shutterstock stock image company is also one of my favorites. Wonderful images and plenty of wedding scroll elements when you need just the right look.

Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone

Very easy to search and see different options.

Design Toolkit for Small Business
Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone
I can't say enough about this resource. Just great information and it has the nerve to communicate it through very clear and concise video presentations. Impressive app with valuable information for every type of small business owner.

Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone

Overview of some of the topics and the number of videos associated with it. How this app can be free is beyond me.

Fox Sports
Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone

If you like sports then you MUST have the Fox Sports app. I'm a big basketball fan and was dismayed to find that the "NBA Gametime" app wanted me to pay $9.99 JUST for expanded player and team stats (plus access to audio feeds of games). No thank you! Fox Sports does just what it is supposed to do AND you can keep up with everything: NFL, NHL, NCAA, etc. Player and team stats, news, profiles, you name it. Powerful free app that I'm highly recommending for the sports hound.

The Week Magazine
Potpourri Friday: 5 Favorite Apps for the iPhone
The Week is my all-time favorite news source. Its just news that is easy to digest. The magazine's tagline reads: "All you need to know about everything that matters." Perfect way to describe this source. Concise articles. Timely. Not extremely partisan. Just facts, mixed with opinion and sprinkled with political cartoons, arts and technology. You really can't go wrong here. Similar to departments in "The Daily Beast" be sure to check out the "Daily Briefing: 10 Things you Need to Know Today."  

What other apps are "must haves" and/or best kept secrets out there? --ct

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