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Pot Has Now Been Legalized and Hostess Go Bankrupt. Come ...

By Accidentalxpert
Pot has now been legalized and Hostess go bankrupt. Come on America?! Maybe the world is ending in three weeks as the Mayans predicted. ;)
We are now the owner of a cat. Let me rephrase....Zac is the owner of a cat. A indoor cat. Cute little Persian/Himalayan with big ole blue eyes. I am learning to share my space with her since she and Zac have this weird connection that kinda creeps me out a little. But, if she don't learn to hit the litter box she will quickly become a barn cat! She is so quirky and finicky and weird about people. She and Zac came from the same pod!! So for now I'm dealing with her bad potty habits in hopes they improve. She has 72 hours to learn some aim.
Week three and the truck is still down. Makes it impossible for me to go see Twilight so I'm staying off FB in case someone gives it away. I'd be better off to give it a week or so and maybe the crowd will dwindle off some.
Fall Festival came and went. I painted and painted and painted. Makes me sad that it was the last NME Festival. One more reason I would not be too upset if the Mayans are not yanking our chain.  The Chamber of Commerce are selling NME Christmas ornaments. I hope to grab one before they are gone for each of the boys who attended there to put up and keep.
Next week will be a two day week for the kiddos. Yay. If  I have not surfaced before this time next week......better check Western State.
Pot has now been legalized and Hostess go bankrupt. Come ...

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