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Possible Tree Swinging with the Skars

Posted on the 15 November 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers

Possible tree swinging with the SkarsWhenever True Blood is on hiatus, there are always rumors swirling around on what our favorite actors might work on during their “down time” away from the show. I dare say it could be one of our favorite past times here at Eric and Sookie Lovers.

There have been recent rumors of a certain Swede being in the running for the title role in Tarzan. The rumor has picked up steam with the recent article from Variety entitled “Alexander Skarsgård swings into “Tarzan” frontrunner“.

The article goes on to state that Alex is David Yates’, newly signed directer of the project and director of the final 4 Harry Potter movies, choice for the role. Variety has also indicated that while not officially green lighted by Warner Bros, it could possibly start filming next summer. Which, by my calculations, should have our Mr Skarsgård finished filming True Blood season 6.

While both parties are on the quiet side, it never hurts to speculate what it all could mean.

As for my own personal speculation… Alex was in London last week (confirmed by fan pictures)… David Yates is normally in London…. I am starting to see the numbers on the wall.


Alex is always brilliant in what ever role he plays and I have the utmost respect for David Yates… I am intrigued to see what may happen.

What do you think?

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