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Polish De-clutter Sale

By Makeupchicliterarygeek @DoriaJM
I've decided (a million times) that my collection needs to be weeded through. I usually throw things out like crazy, except when it comes to makeup and polish! When I know I'm going to see my sisters I'll usually try to do a little clean out of everything and usually I walk away with a bag of stuff, but then my collection continues to grow ;) Well it's time! I'm finally cleaning out some of my polishes to make room for new products since I know I'll be pulling at least 1 of each of the new polishes we stock in the store down the road in my own collection!
Here's what I've pulled so far. They're all things I've personally purchased and some are duplicates I purchased by accident (hate when that happens). I've indicated whether or not it's been used and the price. I'm not really up for swapping too much because I really am trying to slim my collection down (sorry guys!), but there are so many fabulous swapping groups out there I'm sure it'll be fine. Items will be sold on a first-come, first serve basis and will not be held (again sorry! I'm trying to make this as simple and fair as possible). Once an item has been paid for (which means it's sold) I will indicate that it's no longer available here.
To Purchase: Email me at with the list of the ones you want and where I can send a paypal invoice. I'll shoot you a paypal invoice and once it's paid they're yours!
1-2 bottles - $2
3-5 bottles - $3
6 or more bottles - $4
Quick note: Excuse the odd air bubbles at the top of most of the bottles! I took these pics on a super slanted surface so it makes it look like everything has lower levels than they do in person ;)  You can kind of tell because the bubble is oblong instead of straight across, but I wanted to clear that up before people started asking!
Alright, here we go...

Polish De-clutter Sale

L to R: Swinger; No More Waity, Katie; Old Blighty; Yummy Mummy

Swinger ($8): This has been swatched once. I want to mention that even when I first bought it I noticed it separated a tiny bit if it sat at all. I find a few of my butter LONDON's do this. If you shake it, it mixes right back up, but for anyone interested in it I'd hate for you to think something's wrong with it if it separates a tad haha.
No More Waity, Katie ($8): This was also swatched once on just a couple nails when I first purchased it.
Old Blighty ($8): Never used.
Yummy Mummy ($8): This was swatched on a couple nails once.

Polish De-clutter Sale

L to R: Loft-Y Ambitions; Oxidized Aqua (crackle); Trendsetter; Midtown Magic; Westside Warrior

Loft-Y Ambitions ($4): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail.
Oxidized Aqua ($4): New, never used
Trendsetter ($4): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail
Midtown Magic ($4): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail
Westside Warrior ($4): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail

Polish De-clutter Sale

OPI Dutch Treats mini set

OPI Dutch Treats Mini Set ($8): New in box.

Polish De-clutter Sale

L to R: Concrete Catwalk; Velvet Bow; Winterberry; Revlon Whimsical; Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus

 Concrete Catwalk ($4): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail.
Velvet Bow ($4): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail.
Winterberry ($4): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail
Revlon Whimsical ($5): Worn once.
Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus ($4): New never used.

Polish De-clutter Sale

L to R: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Femme; Zoya Opal; Spoiled Paying with Platinum; Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Jordan; Nails Inc House of Parliament; Cult Nails Feel Me Up

OCC Femme ($6): New never used.
Zoya Opal ($5): Swatched once on a couple fingers.
Spoiled Paying with Platinum ($1): Swatched once on one nail.
Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Jordan ($9): New never used.  Sold
Nails Inc House of Parliament ($8): Swatched once on 2 nails.
Cult Nails ($8): New never used.

Polish De-clutter Sale

The New Black Fashion Barometer

The New Black Fashion Barometer ($12): Swatched once on 1 nail each.

Polish De-clutter Sale

L to R: Yara, Tart, Dove, Kennedy, Kendal, Carly (note: I've noticed that a lot of my zoya polishes separate a tad over time, especially ones with shimmer or glitter, but they all mix back up after being shaken) 

Zoya Yara ($5): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail.
Zoya Tart ($5): Swatched 1 time on 1 nail. This one has a blue stain on the bottom label on about 1/3 of it because it came to me with another blue broken polish in the box, which thankfully only stained the label. Nothing is wrong with the polish other than the label.
Zoya Dove ($5): New never used.
Zoya Kennedy ($5): Swatched on 1 nail 1 time.
Zoya Kendal ($5): Swatched on 1 nail 1 time.
Zoya Carly ($5): Swatched on 1 nail 1 time.

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