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Posted on the 03 September 2012 by Divstkforcomman - Save A Few Bucks! - Save A Few Bucks!

Check out this new site,! It is a way to earn online rewards for dining out and shopping online. It's very safe and you can rack up a bunch of free stuff. DSIFTCM is not affiliated with, we just like it alot!

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What is Plink?

Plink is a registered card program that allows you to earn Plink Points and other online rewards for dining out and shopping offline. You select where you want to eat or shop, and Plink activates those offers on your credit or debit card. It's easy and safe!

How do you know that I've eaten at a restaurant that has been selected for Plink rewards?

Plink is designed so you don't have to carry around an additional card, print out coupons, or use some sort of code to get your rewards. Simply pay with the credit or debit card you register with Plink when joining and we'll automatically give you your rewards.

How can you afford to give me rewards?

We've negotiated special rewards with many of the nations' top restaurants. They pay us each time one of our registered members dines at their restaurant and we share that reward with you.

Can I earn rewards for eating at a restaurant multiple times?

Yes. Each restaurant has specific promotions, but in general, you receive rewards every time you eat at one of the Plink restaurants that you've unlocked. Please see the details for each offer for more information.

I have a rewards credit card. Will it work with Plink? How are Plink's rewards different?

Your rewards credit card will work with Plink—in fact, you'll get rewarded twice! Standard credit card rewards programs give back users a tiny percentage of what they spend in airline miles, cash back, or other rewards. They take this amount from the interchange fee and percentage they charge merchants, and so can only offer you a small reward in return. By working directly with restaurants and stores that want you as a customer, Plink can offer much larger rewards.

How Does the Referral Program work?

A referral is considered successfully joined when he/she confirms his/her email address and links a card to their account. When you refer a friend, your first referral will unlock an additional slot in your wallet and you will receive 10 Plink Points. For each friend that successfully joins, we'll give you 10 FREE Plink Points to maximize your earning power.

Can I add more than one card?

Currently you can only register one card for Plink rewards. This means you should register the card you use the most so that you don't miss out on any rewards.

Why can't I find my bank? Or I found my bank, but it says it's unsupported. Why?

While Plink works with most banks, there are still a few that we don't support. As soon as Plink is confident that we can successfully reward you for purchases made through a particular banking institution, we will add that bank to our supported list. We are constantly working to add banks to the Plink program, so your bank may become available at a future date. In the meantime, if you have a different credit card, you can register that.

Why does Plink need my login (username and password) information for my credit or debit card provider?

We use your login credentials to establish a secure connection with your financial institution in order to automatically download your transaction information and match your purchases with offers you activated with Plink. Once a match is found, Plink automatically awards you. - Save A Few Bucks! - Save A Few Bucks!

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