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Planking? What In The World?

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
So I was almost asleep while watching 'Chelsea Lately' the other night, when they started talking about 'Planking'. WHAT? Chelsea's guest, Rosario Dawson, proceeds to 'plank' on her show. In a very short dress I might add! Here's what she looked like:
Planking? What In The World?
I decided I needed to know more about this stupid but very entertaining phenomenon. Since facebook knows everything, I added a status to my page about planking and had some fun with the responses. My good friend McRae H. decided to set a goal to become the best planker in the world. lol So he paid his kid to take pictures of him planking. Here are the results. Some of the pics are blurry because McRae's son was probably laughing pretty hard trying to take pictures of his father doing weird things. But later, even the kid did some planking..
Planking? What In The World?
Planking? What In The World?
Planking? What In The World?
Thanks McRae! You are on your way to being famous! But McRae's son Jimmy is a star too! Here are his planking pictures:
Planking? What In The World?
Planking? What In The World?
But how did planking start? According to Wikipedia, planking can also be called 'The Lying Down Game'. The object is to take pictures of yourself planking in strange places and post them on the internet. The game was supposedly invented by Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon in 1997. It seems to be a fad all over the world right now with people 'planking' on buildings, cars, park benches, etc.. There are reports that folks have even died while planking. Imagine that tombstone. No matter how it started, it's still stupid and pointless but it's like a train wreck too. You keep looking at the pictures online and you start to think..where can I plank? lol
Send me your 'Planking' pictures and comments!

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