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Plan B Failed

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Hey There:
One thing I've always said to myself is that if nobody marries me for love, then someone will marry me for a greencard. That's always been my fall-back position, but apparently it might not work out that way.
About six months ago I met this guy through craiglist, he lives in the UK and desperately wants to live in San Diego, specifically in Ocean Beach. From what he told me he used to be in love with a girl over here but it all fell through at the end. Still, his love for OB remains strong.
We've been e-mailing and skyping on and off since we met. Even though I can always tell if there's any physical attraction to a person even by e-mail and so far I felt nothing for this guy, I still had the hope once I met him in person. That happened last week, he came for a short one week stay in Ocean Beach and I got to take him out one night.
The guy is great on paper, he's British, sexy accent, only 5 years younger than me, funny, smart, looks pleasing in photos and did I mention the sexy accent? Anyway, in person....nope...nada. Just nothing, no spark. I was planning on seducing him, I mean, even if we didn't have a relationship I could still add a notch on the ol' bed post. But no, I couldn't, didn't even try.
This guy would be perfect, he knows the only way to get here is by marriage and I need to get my first marriage out of the way. But we both knew "it" wasn't there, but we'll still be good friends for years to come. So apparently I still cling to that notion of wanting to marry for love, what can I do.
Because this was his 6th visit over here and at one time he spent two months living with friends in OB it was hard to find things to do he hasn't done before, but I did! Took him to watch football at Shakespeare's Pub, we went to Old Town, Coronado and had dinner at El Camino. He was over the moon eating tacos al carbon and almost asked for a room so he could be alone with the flan.
So now that I know my Plan B won't work, and I'm past the age and dress size where I can marry for money. Maybe I should take a closer look at my Plan C which is to make a lot of money and buy me a mail-order husband.

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