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Piss Hill

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I like a good challenge, but I am also a wimp. I don’t like to feel pain, be tired or think I am on the verge of throwing up. I think that’s why I didn’t sign up for this race earlier. And, it’s tomorrow morning.



Yeah, that’s a hill or two. Too bad I won’t have time to stop and piss on Piss Hill. And, too bad there is not a Fart Hill.

I know this is only 4.5 miles. I should be shot for being a pussy. But, I also know it will be an uncomfortable 4.5 miles full of beauty and cussing. The thing is, I have no qualms about the climbing or going the distance. It’s just that I put all of this pressure on myself to push, push, push.

Ken signed up a couple of weeks ago and I was on the fence. My knee's been hurting, blah, blah, blah. I love trail running, but not sure I like trail sprinting. It’s the same reason I don’t like 5Ks that much. They hurt me. Weird that in some respects a half marathon feels more manageable to me than a 5K.  But, I am going to do the race because it’s cheap, in a gorgeous setting and there are pancakes at the end.

But, between you and me, why I really signed up was this quote I read earlier this week:

“The point is not to be afraid of doing what is hard. Embrace what does not come naturally. Only in this way will you stop limiting yourself and allow for the deepest part of you to express yourself in ways you might not have imagined yet.” (Swami Chetanananda)

This got me thinking about all areas of my life and how I want to shy away from things that I think I won’t be successful at. Let’s face it – it’s much, much easier to quit (or not start) something that is challenging for you than to risk not being good at it, not finishing it or failing in some way.

Yet, when you quit, you take absolutely no risk. You can safely return to your little world where all is familiar and comfy. But, when you quit (or worse yet don’t even try) you are missing the entire point of living. Living is about making yourself so uncomfortable that you come out the other side exhilarated.

So, I’ll let you know how exhilarated I am tomorrow.

Ever had a DNS or DNF in life that you’ve regretted? I’ve had several jobs that I think I gave up on too early. If they didn’t meet my expectations immediately, I bailed. I’m learning that good things do not happen overnight. They need to be worked for and patience is required.


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